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Jul 11, 2011 4:00am PDT
happened in india. >> in this video you conceive the woman breaking the window to try and get out of the train carried you will see there are not will allot of officials helping with this train it was passengers' helping other passengers. train accidents like this are common in india carrie. and beg lead-protesters clashed with police this all on what changes to their constitution. they were stopping the protesters from blocking roads. in russia will back a ship carrying hundred and 88 people battled the wind and rain the ship started to tilt among them the missing art doesn't of children >> in britain and the final edition of the news of the world simply said thank you and goodbye. this newspaper came to an end to to suspicion of slackening e- mail . >> the other robert murdoch was present. >> we'll take look bad weather and traffic when return. it is for 40 7:00 a.m.. an adult and droppings or will create a bigger problem in one area. >> there are a lot of thought responsible pet owners they do not pick up after and i want to find out who they are. she >> manages out that friendly apar
Jul 14, 2011 4:00am PDT
in india. indian officials are not issue is behind this at attack carried 18 people were killed hundreds were injured and no arrests have been made. president barack obama is assuring them that the united states will be behind them. >> hillary clinton will be on a 12 day around the world tour. >> we're still getting contradictory signal from kaddafi's camp he is yet to meet the deadlines to cease violence and withdraw his forces and step down from our we cannot predict how what they are what our gaddafi will leave power we to understand and agree his days are numbered. >> then she is on to indonesia and ndf and how long and will return. july 25th. >> 84 will be laid to rest today in michigan hundreds of people admired her will be lined up along garrote. print she will be it moralized of final time she died aged 93 she will be buried next to her husband. former first lady about bush is expected to attend services today. >> this is a live look at the san mateo bridge of higher fog today more sunshine. i'll look from our roof camera lot less fog below average temperatures of around
Jul 15, 2011 4:00am PDT
video evidence on the three bomb attack in india. they have collected the blood evidence and they're looking at security video. no one is all claiming responsibility for the attacks. it killed a hundred and 66 people. countries are going to did discuss financial aid and support barry there is uncertainty of libyan society. gaddafi said he is not leaving power >> a largest marijuana plantation in history when it was made on wednesday 3 a. and some plants were as tall as 8 ft.. they detained six people buried they would have learned hundred million dollars. >> now look from our roof a better look of the fog is it is hanging over this city we're dealing with some gusty winds this is a look of the wind speeds around the bay area. the fog is also a factor this morning it is creeping more and more inland. the fog is widespread along the peninsula. not impacting your visibility nothing about that will slow you down on the road way. we are starting to drop a temperatures. afternoon temperatures warm up some locations may be more than yesterday. 64 in oakland 76 in morgan appehill. now check
Jul 20, 2011 4:00am PDT
reports that their leader had died. >> seborrhea staley had clinton is in india on a wide range of economic issues. before the talks got under way clinton and a big external affairs minister had a brief meeting explosions in mom by a left 19 people dead. >> on behalf of the united states our deepest sympathy and our outrage to the people and government of india and pledgor support to you in your fight and is also on our fight in terrorism. >> she is in the capital for today's on a visit. >> time now 5:41 a.m. this is a live look at the bay bridge and you see sunrise in the making. we will be right back is going to be a hot one >> of from san for cisco and i do like the morning fog we'grea start this is a satellite look of the fog a lot less fog than we had yesterday. good news the fog as along the coast warmer temperatures all across the bay area. we are warming up already this is a look of current temperatures right now. a quick flyby are around the area we are expecting 87 degrees in santa rosa we are keeping it cool along the coast not quite a beach weather. and this is a look o
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4